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Dutch spies watched Russian hackers attack Democrats: report

Dutch spies watched as Russian hackers attacked Democrats, beginning the alleged meddling in the 2016 election and the investigations that followed, according to a report. Members of the Netherlands’ AIVD intelligence agency infiltrated the headquarters of the Russian hacking collective Cozy Bear, newspaper de Volksrant reported Thursday …

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French shoppers brawl as Nutella goes on big sale

French shoppers have gone nutty and are feeling the pain to get the perfect compliment to their bread. A sale of the hazelnut spread Nutella has led to “riot scenes” in supermarkets after the price was slashed roughly 70% to 1.40 euros ($1.70) for roughly two pounds …

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Fire in South Korean hospital kills 19, injures 50

A fire in a hospital in the South Korean city of Miryang killed 19 people and injured around 50 others, a local fire official and media said on Friday, with the blaze suspected to have started in a first floor emergency room. South Korea’s Yonhap news agency …

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Captured U.S. Navy ship displayed as North Korean prize

PYONGYANG, North Korea — Fifty years after it was seized by North Korea, the USS Pueblo is the only U.S. Navy ship held captive by a foreign government. And though mostly forgotten in the United States, the “Pueblo Incident” for North Korea remains a potent symbol of military success. …

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Cow escapes farm to run free with wild bison in Poland

WARSAW, Poland — A farmyard cow in Poland has chosen freedom this winter, roaming with a herd of bison for three months after escaping its pen. The reddish brown cow has been spotted following bison across corn and rapeseed fields bordering the Bialowieza Forest in eastern Poland …

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